Maypole MP6639 Car Vehicle Roof Bag 320L For Use With Roof Bars Racks Rails


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There are a lot of cheap roof bags, which sit on the car roof. This can cause scratching and they are not secure, fitting just with straps. The reason the Maypole bag is a premiuim product and beats more others is because it has steel runners to give a solid base and bolts securely to the roof rails.

320L Roof Bag

The easy to store alternative than a roof box

Protects load with waterproof material, seams and sealed zip

Fast and secure fitting with a solid base

Universal fitment - Fits direcrly onto roof bars (min 66cm/max 82cm roof bar spacing)

Compact storage

High tensile U bolts

Adjustable straps

Max capacity 50Kg

Aerodynamic shape